Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nature's Way

Hi friends!!
I hope you've all had a lovely weekend.  I apologize for being absent in blogland lately.  I had quite a few work days last week!

I want to talk about something that, I feel, can be easily overlooked in homes.  Natural elements!  Obviously, we have wood in our homes, and natural fibers in the forms of textiles, but I want to talk specifically about plants and flowers.  An obvious place to dress a house with plants or flowers is by the front door.  Pots of greenery can really elevate a home's curb appeal.

via HGTV

And we all know that landscaping can make or break the exterior of a home.

via Better Homes & Gardens

But let's bring the outdoors in, shall we?  A great flower arrangement can complete an entry way.

So can a few flowered branches stuck in a vase.

Flowers and plants are great on bookcases,

As toppers on a stack of books,

Or as corner/room-fillers.

Orchids are really beautiful and popular choice, but can be really tricky to keep alive.

Fresh tulips are always a pretty addition to any vignette.

And I LOVE a nice bunch of white hydrangeas.

Trees are a really fun way to add live elements to a room.  The room below is really gorgeous, with it's potted ficus in the sunny window.  The silver orbs are a really glam way to cover up the potting soil.

Emily Henderson did an entire indoor garden in her client's home.  Below is a picture of part of it.  Gorgeous, right?

Preserved boxwood plants are also really popular, and a great and easy way to bring the outside in, as they need little to no maintenance.  (And they're real!)

via Little Green Notebook

A few words about flowers and plants: restocking your home each week with fresh cut flowers can be quite expensive, especially if you have more than one arrangement.  Consider planting flowering bushes in your yard or in pots on your patio.  I've heard gardening can be quite rewarding.  Live indoor plants, like orchids or trees, can be difficult to keep alive or difficult to tame.  Many rooms don't have the light, temperature, or humidity levels to successfully grow plants.  Before investing in live plants, make sure to research their requirements before  Faux arrangements can be cost-effective alternatives, but choose wisely and with a discerning eye: you don't want them to look... fake.

Could your home use some flowers or plants?  What option are you most likely to choose?  Fresh-cut, live, or faux?  Do you want some help?  ;)

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