Wednesday, April 17, 2013

These Walls Can Talk!

Can we talk about walls for a moment? I’ll bet that, when most of you think about covering them, you think about paint. Am I right? Granted, paint can be beautiful just on it’s own. Like this:

via House of Turquoise

But there are SO many options besides “just paint”.  What if you did a paint treatment? Perhaps a faux finish like this:

 Or a chevron stripe?

 A large single-letter initial painted on a wall can make a room really special.

A stencil can make a feature wall pretty special too!

Wallpaper has recently been spiking in popularity, due to designers like Kelly Wearstler and Thibaut turning out gorgeous wallpapers like these:

Grasscloth wallpaper also now comes in divine colors that instantly add a TON of character to a wall.

Of course, you can always dress your walls up with wood in the form of paneling…


Or beadboard.

What about a painted “lattice” treatment?!

If you’re fickle or indecisive like I have been known to be (see previous post) you could always do something temporary like (fanfare) WASHI tape!

Finally, I submit to you, something NOT for the faint of heart: a GOLD SEQUIN wall treatment.

I die.

Have I missed anything? Have any of you done any of these lovely wall treatments in your homes lately? Have I given any of you any bright (sparkling gold) ideas that need to be implemented soon? Do you want some help? ;)

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  1. Gold sequins?!! OMG. Amazing! Thanks for featuring my laundry room. :)

    Kelly @ View Along the Way