Monday, June 24, 2013

Color Crush: Pink & Gold

I'm having a pretty girly moment right now, and I thought I'd share.  I'm surrounded by boys and rarely have an opportunity to decorate as girly as I (sometimes) wish to (both in my own home and in client's homes).  So I'm especially thankful for this bloggity blog while in the midst of my "girly moment"!

I'm seriously crushing on Pink and Gold lately.  Really, gold has emerged as a favorite metallic tone for me in the past few months: I've been a silver girl for a looooooonnnnnnnnng time.  Lately, though... Gold is giving me goosebumps.  (In the best possible way!)  The warm metallic will be making its way into my home in a major (although not paired-with-pink) way in the near future, but until then, here are some examples of gold and pink pairings that make my heart go pitter-pat.

2b modern

A Little Glass Box

Icing Designs

Columbus Magazine
Traditional Home
Quiet Robin
Little Crown Interiors

Kika Reichert
Citrus and Orange
Now, we have all heard the concept of "real men wear pink", and my son and husband BOTH don it on a frequent basis.

The Denim Guy
But do you think pink (& gold) in home decor can be manly?  Or is the combo just TOO feminine for a male-inhabited space?  Sound off!!  I love to hear your thoughts!

As always, if you're inspired by what you've read here and want to fluff your home, contact us!  We can help.  ;)

For more pink and gold inspiration, check out our Pink & Gold Pinterest board.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

(Head)Board of Directors

I am just smitten.  That's really all I can say.  (But you know I'll manage eek out a few more words, right?!)  I absolutely L.O.V.E. upholstered headboards.  Not only can they bring a ton of drama to a room, but they are so versatile!  Not to mention: if you change your mind, they aren't impossible (or too expensive) to change, not like buying a new bed.

I'm constantly pinning inspiration images on Pinterest (follow me here), and here are some of the ones of upholstered headboards I've collected.


This coffee sack headboard is so perfect for a country chic house, I just can't stand it.

Me And Jilly
Burlap and antique gold nailheads, anyone?

Quadrille Fabrics

The shape of this one is so different!  I love the graphic motif on the headboard textile, too.

The Hunted Interior

This room's neutral palette really appeals to me.  The tufted headboard adds a lot of visual interest, but is very in keeping with the look the designer was going for.

It All Appeals to Me

The DRAMA of this one!  I just love a wingback headboard.


This one is simply divine, with it's coordinated textiles, shape, and ribbon & nailhead trim.

Quadrille Fabrics

This one is really interesting too!

Source Unknown, via Pinterest

I die.


Holy contrast, batman!!  LOVE.


How perfectly glamorous and easily elegant is this natural one when paired with the starburst mirror and the gold poufs?

Candy Stilletos

I mean, really...

It All Appeals to Me

Serenity now!  The tufting, the shape, the everything!!


This one is superb.

Here's one that MW Designs did not too long ago!

Why, yes, those ARE silver nailheads in a greek key pattern.  Naturally.
We've actually done a handful more in the short time we've been in business.  I'll be sure to post those on our Facebook page soon!

How do you feel about upholstered headboards and beds?  Do you have any in your home?  Did I miss any inspiring headboards out there?  Did you know that MW Designs can make you a custom headboard for as low as $300?!  Having a beautiful home doesn't take a ton of money!!  We can help (for a lot less than you might imagine).  ;)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Animal Magnetism

A slideshow on Elle declares that leopard print is trendy, with the picture below as an example.
Elle Decor
Now, this is Mary McDonald's living room and I am NO ONE to pass judgement on anyone's designs choices, let alone the great Mary McDonald's.  But this is a LOT for me.  Let's look at some more designs using animal prints in a more... restrained way.  Shall we?

1.  Something's Underfoot!

A great way to inject a room with a little safari flair is by using a rug.
Stylish Eve

2.  Pillow Talk

A few throw pillows certainly can't hurt, can they?

Digs Digs

3.  Sitting Pretty

A chair covered in a zoological pattern is another way to put some animal print in a room.  The picture below shows how elegant and sophisticated a room can still be with animal print fabric featured in a prominent way.  (Also, the modern fabric on the antique french chair is a lovely juxtaposition.)
CMC Design Studio

4.  Subtle Shades

This wallpaper by Thibaut is such an elegant way to have a little fun with fur!  A cream and taupe take on the traditional zebra motif is understated and lovely.
Etosha Wallpaper @ Thibaut

5. Temporary Insanity

If you just can't commit to any costly or permanent hides in your home, try out a throw!  Faux throws can add instant glam that is totally temporary.
Notes To Anne

I have not yet succeeded in convincing my husband that animal print is where it's at.  I think it's been done too badly too many times for him to trust that it can be beautiful.  If it even remotely looks like an animal, no matter how subtle, muted, or small-scale the motif, it gets an automatic nix from him!

A few notes and cautions: if you DO choose to put animal print in your house, please please please use a discerning eye.  Don't just snap up a print because it's animal.  Make it a good one, will ya?

Also, please don't over-use it unless you are doing it in a very intentional way.  If you love leopard and you want it all over every surface (a la Mary McDonald), that's great, but you have to commit to it and be prepared to defend it.

Lastly, LOVE what you choose.  If you don't love it, there's no point to having done it.  It doesn't matter what anyone else (okay, except maybe your husband) thinks.  Kelly at View Along The Way's Decorating Rules To Live By post says it really well:  "You can’t please everybody. If your goal is to wow others, you might get a few people who really dig the decisions you make, but most people probably don’t have the same style you do. You just can’t make a room that everyone likes."  

End of sermon.

What about ya'll?  Do you have any animal print in your house?  How have you used it?  Anyone else have a husband who is vehemently opposed to hides in the home?  Sound off by commenting below!

Do you want to try it, but not sure how?  We can help.  ;)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Color Crush: Orange & Turquoise

I was flipping the May issue Lonny magazine today and was struck by this photo.

The turquoise water, the orange swim coverup... I am in love with this!  Color theory teaches us that colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are "complimentary" with one another.  

So, maybe that's why the combo is just perfect to me.  But I also feel it's super-appropriate going into the dead of summer.  Doesn't it just scream summer to you?!  So, I present to you, the premier installment of a new semi-monthly series: Color Crush!

Orange and Turquosie

Burnham Design

Design Dazzle

Project Nursery


Hearty Home


Justine Simmons

Kendall Wilkinson

What do you think, friends?  Do you dig orange and turquoise?  Mint and coral are less-saturated versions of the same idea, if you're a little chroma-phobic.


3D Memoirs

Wedding Bee

Whether it's the super-saturated turquoise & orange or the muted mint & coral, I love it.

See you soon!


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