Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cornice, Of Course!

I just love a cornice!  Such a lovely way to cover up the "business end" of draperies.  Here’s a closeup of a cornice-drape-shade situation:

Sheffield Furniture

See?  No rings, grommets, or hooks!

Cornices are also great way to add more textiles into a room.  

Natalie Clayman designed this GORGEOUS dining room pictured below.  So inspired!

Straight on shot.

Cornices can inject a graphic element into a room.

The banding across the bottom and around the edges of this cornice/drape combo is divine.

Below is a beautiful tailored cornice with a greek key pattern trim.  You can find both the trim and the greek key elsewhere in the room (in the drapery ties and the side tables).  The cornice design just ties  the whole room together!

Cornices don’t have to be straight, either.  Some popular options include arched:

LOVE that they follow the arches of the windows.

and step:

A few more cornice-drape combos for you to feast your eyes on…

This vibrant cornice/drape combo add another shade of green (and more depth) to this room.

The example below is one of my favorite cornice/drape combos I’ve seen on the web, mostly because the graphic banding on the cornice is repeated across the bottom of the drapes.  Genius.

Banding along the bottom of the cornice and edges of the drapes.  (Again.)  Drool.

Cornices don’t have to be paired with drapes at all.   Places where long drapes would get in the way or be in danger of being damaged (like a breakfast room or bathroom) can still benefit from a little window dressing! 

Don’t you just love the buttons and trim on these?

This is such a pretty way to bring more fabric into an otherwise textile-free bathroom!

Even if you’re not sold on fabric cornices, you can have wood or plaster & wood ones made to elevate your windows and make your home look just that much more custom.

This is a stunning way to incorporate a cornice into the crown moulding of a room.

Here’s another example of a cornice made of plaster (or wood) with crown moulding on the top and bottom sides:

This last one is a cornice + drapes HEADBOARD.

Just take a minute… Soak it all in.

Totally gorgeous, no?

So, what do you think?  Which is your favorite?  Could cornices be in your home’s future?  Do you have any spaces that could use a little dressing up?  Do you want some help?  ;)


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