Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Before and After: Ms. Kay's Shelves

Today was a pretty great day, I must say.  It started out not-so-good with a damaged piece of furniture being delivered by one of those final-sale-no-returns types of online outlet places.  But it quickly turned around after I got to my newest client (and one of my favorite former teacher)'s house for a styling session!

Guys, this house is totally perfect.  When Ms. Kay had me over to do the consultation, I was astounded that she thought she needed me.  We did, however, manage to find a few places that could use just a little help.  (Really, everything looks amazing, though!)

This is a picture of the bookcases in Ms. Kay's living room before.

And after:

Here they are again:

Here are some of the individual vignettes:

Isn't the little lamp just the cutest thing ever?!  I LOVE a lamp on a bookcase.  LOVE.

I hung this special decoration on the back of the case!  It's metal and crystal.  PERFECTION.

Used the mini cake stand to collect some of the tiny vases bought in Hong Kong.

I made sure there was a spot for a fresh bloom from Ms. Kay's GORGEOUS garden.

Will you believe we didn't spend a single penny on any of the accessories on these shelves?!  I did borrow from different places around the house, though!  It doesn't have to cost a lot to have great style!

It was SUCH a pleasure to style Ms. Kay's bookshelves today, and her reaction to the work I did (tears of joy, ya'll!) made my day.  I'm excited about the rest of the projects we're going to do: I promise ya'll will be seeing more of her house soon!

What do ya'll think?  Could your house benefit from a little styling?   Do you want some help?  ;)

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  1. Awww, what a fun job to go style people's shelves, and you did an amazing job! No wonder she had tears of joy! :)

    Kelly @ View Along the Way