Saturday, April 13, 2013


So, I spent today working on a vignette that's been on my mind a LOT lately.  My foyer.  I know, selfish.  Some days are just not work days, though, you know?  I've been collecting quite a few inspiration images on my personal pinterest page (found here) and can't decide which direction to go.  My husband has requested that there be some sort of seating in the general area for the putting on of shoes, and whatnot.

My hubs is the strong, silent type, and as such doesn't really express his opinions very often, so I know when he does, it's a pretty compelling one.

Here are the (many) options I'm considering:

A console table-benches combo, like the ones seen here:

Console table with special chair(s)?  (LOVE this chandelier, btw.)


Cabinet or dresser with chair(s)?

And what will I hang over the furniture?  Art?

A mirror?

Many mirrors?

I just can't decide!!

So, for now, I'm going to stick mostly with what I have until divine inspiration strikes.  I decided to go ahead and do a lil' photo shoot while my son was sleeping.

After I had shot about 100 pictures, opening the doors to my house so I could get "just the right angle" (I'm not a professional photographer, ya'll.), I noticed an unsightly cord hanging down and peeking it's ugly head out.  So I fixed it.

While I was doing that, I tweaked the setup a bit.  So, here I go, shooting it again, opening the doors and crouching down like I always see the pros do.  (By this point, my son was awake, caterwauling at me to come get him out of his crib.)  Then I noticed I had (of course) left the roll of tape I used to "fix" the unsightly lamp cord that had originally offended me RIGHT ON TOP OF THE BOOK STACK.
Just SO offensive, no?  Rude.

Now my son was letting me know he was really ready to be back in the world of the awake by singing at the top of his lungs.  Cute.  Distracting.

Okay, having planted my child in front of his favorite show about children who fly around the world in a red rocket, learning about classical music and fine art, (At least it's educational-ish.) I'm ready to shoot again.

Here's the entry part of my foyer, as it stands right now.

Simple (inherited, in need of a refinish) double drop leaf table.

Basket for shoes.  (You can see a few peeking out there.  It was overflowing prior to the "cleanup"  I did for the shoot.  Left some in there because we live here, people!)

Birthday rug.  (Hubs knows the way to my heart.)

Totally awesome mirrored lamp I scored at Pottery Barn quite a while ago.

Stack of books with fresh cut flowers for a different level.  I love fresh flowers, don't you?

Framed art to create some visual layering/interest.  (Bowl for keys.)

Another viewpoint.  (Pay no mind to the OFFENSIVE roll of masking tape on the bannister, there!)

I'd like to take up a bit more of that wall by replacing the table (which is a little too traditional for my taste) with a larger one,   And, as stated before, provide the hubs with a little seating.  Perhaps a magenta chair?  Swoon.  But, like I said, I can't make any decisions.  I'm a LOT better at decorating other people's houses for some reason...

What about ya'll?  Are your entryways in need of a little decision-making?  A little de-cluttering?  Some freshening up? Do you want some help?  ;)


  1. Beautiful vignette! My entryway has been neglected for years. I can't wait to do something pretty with it. I love the inspiration shot with the pink chairs, and your mirrored lamp!

    Pretty new blog, BTW! Glad you're going to start blogging again!

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  2. I am loving that lamp!!! And your rug :) beautiful entry!