Thursday, June 20, 2013

(Head)Board of Directors

I am just smitten.  That's really all I can say.  (But you know I'll manage eek out a few more words, right?!)  I absolutely L.O.V.E. upholstered headboards.  Not only can they bring a ton of drama to a room, but they are so versatile!  Not to mention: if you change your mind, they aren't impossible (or too expensive) to change, not like buying a new bed.

I'm constantly pinning inspiration images on Pinterest (follow me here), and here are some of the ones of upholstered headboards I've collected.


This coffee sack headboard is so perfect for a country chic house, I just can't stand it.

Me And Jilly
Burlap and antique gold nailheads, anyone?

Quadrille Fabrics

The shape of this one is so different!  I love the graphic motif on the headboard textile, too.

The Hunted Interior

This room's neutral palette really appeals to me.  The tufted headboard adds a lot of visual interest, but is very in keeping with the look the designer was going for.

It All Appeals to Me

The DRAMA of this one!  I just love a wingback headboard.


This one is simply divine, with it's coordinated textiles, shape, and ribbon & nailhead trim.

Quadrille Fabrics

This one is really interesting too!

Source Unknown, via Pinterest

I die.


Holy contrast, batman!!  LOVE.


How perfectly glamorous and easily elegant is this natural one when paired with the starburst mirror and the gold poufs?

Candy Stilletos

I mean, really...

It All Appeals to Me

Serenity now!  The tufting, the shape, the everything!!


This one is superb.

Here's one that MW Designs did not too long ago!

Why, yes, those ARE silver nailheads in a greek key pattern.  Naturally.
We've actually done a handful more in the short time we've been in business.  I'll be sure to post those on our Facebook page soon!

How do you feel about upholstered headboards and beds?  Do you have any in your home?  Did I miss any inspiring headboards out there?  Did you know that MW Designs can make you a custom headboard for as low as $300?!  Having a beautiful home doesn't take a ton of money!!  We can help (for a lot less than you might imagine).  ;)


  1. The tufted headboard is my favorite. It reminds me of old school Hollywood.

    1. I LOVE a tufted headboard. When I did the white one in the last picture, we really went back and forth between tufting or the nailhead pattern. Obviously, the nailhead pattern trim won out, but I'm hoping to do a tufted one for someone soon! And I LOVE Old Hollywood and Regency styles. Glam is so fun.

  2. I'm a sucker for burlap in unusual places. The idea of upholstering a headboard in it is one I had yet to think of. I love it!

    1. We should definitely do one in September when we're there! Put it on the "To Do" list! XOXO