Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Color Crush: Orange & Turquoise

I was flipping the May issue Lonny magazine today and was struck by this photo.

The turquoise water, the orange swim coverup... I am in love with this!  Color theory teaches us that colors on opposite sides of the color wheel are "complimentary" with one another.  

So, maybe that's why the combo is just perfect to me.  But I also feel it's super-appropriate going into the dead of summer.  Doesn't it just scream summer to you?!  So, I present to you, the premier installment of a new semi-monthly series: Color Crush!

Orange and Turquosie

Burnham Design

Design Dazzle

Project Nursery


Hearty Home


Justine Simmons

Kendall Wilkinson

What do you think, friends?  Do you dig orange and turquoise?  Mint and coral are less-saturated versions of the same idea, if you're a little chroma-phobic.


3D Memoirs

Wedding Bee

Whether it's the super-saturated turquoise & orange or the muted mint & coral, I love it.

See you soon!


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